Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fabric Fabric Fabric

It has come to my attention, slowly but surely throughout this year, that maybe, just maybe, I have a slight addiction to F A B R I C ! I know, I know, all my friends could have told me that 5 years ago, but I am slowly but surely facing up to facts. I wasn't planning on any new purchases last weekend, but just happened to be driving past Ballarat Patchwork, and this is what came home with me. Just love those umbrellas.
This is a quilt that has been waiting in the wings for a little while now.
I may have blogged it before
. . . but I have delivered the goods to my cousin Beth, for her 30th birthday
snuggle well and love


Andi said...

That is a beautiful quilt Annie!!!

FlowerLady said...

Annie ~ I am so impressed with your quilts. Your work is very nice and all the quilts lovely. I think it would be very easy to become addicted to fabric. :-)

Enjoy your fabric, the creating, the using and the giving.


trash said...

No, no. Not addiction rather an over-extended interest.

Muddling Through said...

I prefer to think of it as "inventory" ready to be used.
And that quilt is gorgeous!

wonderwoman said...

i just love that umbrella fabric - its gorgeous and so is that quilt!


our shabby cottage said...

LOL! So, what's the $ total now Annie?????Hee Hee

Jenny said...

It must be a trap living so near that fabric shop!! What a lovely quilt for your cousin

ilsa-fay said...

I love the umbrellas!