Sunday, August 15, 2010

FISKARS - Spring & Pruning

With Spring just on our doorstep, it has been a busy time in the garden, despite the inclement weather. Lots of jobs to do, and when "Mr Fiskars" offered to help me out with some of their latest products, I was happy to oblige.
They asked me if I'd like to test run some equipment and review it. Just the name FISKARS is exciting to me. I LOVE their secateurs and in the sewing room, their scissors are fantastic, but now was my turn with some long armed pruning gear.
I could hardly wait to use it when I got it home, and out into the garden I went, just for a minute, I said to myself to see how it worked. Well, a minute turned into 5, then 10, and so on, as I was industriously clipping away with the greatest of ease. You see, with these pruners, you don't have any scissor action at all. The cutting bit is on a long pole, and you simply pull a movable part of the pole towards you which activates the cutting. Very ergonomic! It's called an Easy Reach Pruning Wand, and I was able to prune my fruit trees from just standing on the ground, using very minimal force, in fact none!!!! They are FANTASTIC!!!!


Mr Fiskars also sent me 2 sprayer bottles, one garden sprayer and a Heavy Duty Industrial Sprayer. I would certainly recommend these FISKARS products and be happy to try any others. I will get those sprayers working next weekend, but have kept the long arm pruning wand in the laundry, just incase I see anything that needs a little chip chop during the week.

Thank you Mr Fiskars!


Muddling Through said...

Love that last photo - chicken shoulders! I did eye the Fiskares pruners last fall. I guess I should have bought them. Maybe this year.

Jayne said...

I think they are the ones hubby has and I have to carefully watch him or he gets carried away with the ease of the chipper-chopping lol.

Alison said...

Oh you Lucky Duck to get some freebie Mr Fiskars. I have some of their secateurs that are so easy on the hands - they have a rotating handle.

Lavon said...

SWEET! I will need these in the next coming months. Soon it will be fall here and am moving to a new location with a beautiful level back yard. Cannot wait to get the bulbs in the ground so when spring comes I will have beautiful flowers to look at.

Jenny said...

Got to love Mr Fiskas:) Love the chhok photo too

Anonymous said...

What wonderful tools friskas make. I love my secateurs too.
Mildura Granny