Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gardening for Joy

Going to the Garden Show in Melbs at the start of the holidays certainly got me inspired.
Weather permitting, I've been out with my beloved plants dreaming and working in my garden.
I have these MAGNIFICENT Winter Gladdies coming up to bud. I've counted 8 buds so far, which is very very exciting.
On closer inspection around the garden, I have spied lots of little shoots of bulbs coming up already.
I see some here and I see some there
. . . and I bought some new ones too
In the April issue of ABC Gardening Australia Magazine there is a great article on How to Grow Great Bulbs. People think that I am knowlegable about gardening, and have a lovely display; but certainly never so much that I can't learn something new. In the same "mag" there is also an article on Vegi Gardening, which is so timely for me. My chickens are scratching around out there and I can't wait to plant something.

How to Grow Great Bulbs
The Big Weigh In
are from the April issue of ABC Gardening Australia
magazine – worth a read!
I've turned my compost heaps x 3 and it all looks luscious
My "girls" are doing their part in getting the vegi patch ready for planting
Another good read is:
" Fruits of Their Labour "
which is from the April issue of Country Style magazine.
Holidays are great for catching up on all the things I love.
If you'd like to get some great "Gardeners Cards" made by me, don't for get you can
click the link below
...go on, have a look
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Jan said...

Hi Annie: Your garden lovelies are looking gorgeous. Isn't this a great time of year for garden surprises. We did some weeding, mulching and bulb planting over Easter and I have a new cumquat in a pot. And there are now jars of green and red tomato chutney and quince jam in the pantry; like you, I've been busy. Looking forward to a catch-up soon.

Kate said...

Lovely pics :-) I've really got to get a wriggle on and get some bulbs in...and some more winter vegies!

Midge said...

I love the GABC Gardening Australia mag too, but not sure about the new tv host. I'm itching to get the clippers out.

Only a gardener could truly appreciate the special way you heart jumps with delight when you see the first bulbs of the season peeping through. On joy!

FlowerLady said...

Happy Gardening Annie ~ It is something I enjoy all year long. Every day there something new to see and enjoy. Like you, I also get inspired.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Michelle said...

Lucky you getting to see the ABC Gardening Expo! I love gardening. Not as much as quilting, but its so satisfying getting my hands dirty!

picciolo said...

I love the winter glads, what an amazing colour they are, I don't think I've seen them over here. (and thanks for your kind 'slim' comment!!)
: )

Michelle said...

I really enjoy your garden posts, I have spent the last couple of days out in my wee garden, planted some vege plants and now we are getting some wonderful rain :O)

HolleyGarden said...

Beautiful flowers! I agree - in gardening, we never quit learning! I think that's part of the reason I love it so.

Why I garden... said...

Lovely photos. This is the time of year I always enjoy reading gardening magazines, always more to learn!

serendipity said...

Lovely flower photos and beautiful quilts. Chickens too! A like minded soul :)

Masha said...

Your garden looks lovely with the white sage and Burgundy Icebergs (?). I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of your gladioli.

Muddling Through said...

Everything looks wonderful, especially those tiny tomatoes. There is always something pretty to see in our garden!

62cherry said...

love ya! inspirational mrs flower garden xo