Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lucky Me

 One of my favourite garden blogs 727m2 has been raving about a Fire Wheel Tree.
An amazing tree!  She has made the blooms everlasting, by creating these wonderful Tea Towels.
I was LUCKY to be the winner of her generous "give a way" - something I haven't won in years, so was thrilled when this lovely linen towel arrived in the mail on Friday.
 In my last post, I illuded to my crotchet project, but on thinking about it later, I realised that I haven't showed you a photo of it - since last winter when it all began.  I've got my second wind with it, albeit a little late for the crotchet season, and it's growing at a rapid rate.
 My beautiful Nigella (Love in the Mist) is a riot in my Spring Garden.  All in buds though, so in a few weeks, it will be a drift of blue.

More work in the garden this weekend, and a freshly mown lawn.  It's great to stand back and admire. 


chris mckinley said...

What a lovely crocheted blanket you have! I am a new follwer and will be back for another visit soon!


Quiltedtime said...

Congratulations on your prize! And have fun in your garden this weekend.

FlowerLady said...

Your crocheted blanket is lovely and oh so happy looking. That project takes time, but is so worth it when you are finished.

Congrats on your tea towel, it's a nice win.

Your gardens look wonderful.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Calidore said...

Your garden looks wonderful as always. My nigella is in bud too. I have actually been thinning the plants they self seeded so thickly. Lucky you on winning that gorgeous prize and I love the crocheted blanket. Just stunning

blandina said...

Today is a gray rainy Sunday and the view of your garden brings a smile on my lips.
I love the crochet blanket, it looks like an extension of your garden.
And the tea towel, oh the beauty of that flower and the softness of the linen!

Karen said...

Lucky you indeed - I love that colour red. Very nice.
The crochet looks amazing Annie.

Moogsmum said...

What a great win - that fabric is far too special for a tea towel!

Your crochet is gorgeous. I've got the crochet bug too and have picked up a blanket I started (and then neglected) over two years ago. Isn't it lovely how quickly it grows once you get stuck in :o)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

thanks for visiting my blob and the nice remarks...down a couple of your posts here, the blue and multicolored quilt on the laundry line? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

dulcy said...

Lovely crochet! Also your beautiful flower garden photos! Nothing like getting a new tea towel. I bought 2 last week at a wool show, and it's such fun to have a new one to put out from time to time.

dulcy said...

Lucky you indeed...we had a fire tree down at west Rosebud many years ago. Garden was laid out by a nursery man and had heaps of top grafted and unusual stuff.
Love that tea towel.....and no love in the mist yet.
Maybe plant seed. Was out watering and almost got sunburn.

gaby@727m2 - a garden diary said...

Thanks for sharing my tea towel on your blog! I like the colour combination of your crocheted blanket... lovely!