Friday, January 11, 2013

Summer Days and Hot hot hot days

We are having some very HOT weather this summer, and it is testing the garden . . . and the gardener.  I have been doing a LOT of watering, which is not usually so necessary where I live, as we usually have some rain here and there to tide us over.

This beautiful hydrangea must be in just the right spot, as it hasn't "drooped" at all, like some of my others. It is a very pretty one.

I have been experimenting with scraps, but am not quite happy with what I am achieving.  Could be my work space which I'll show you further in the post!

Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with "baskets" - I can't resist them.

Here is my work space - maybe I should tidy it up and I would have more room to work, and think and plan - that seems such a tedious task though - I'd rather be sewing.  MUM, I need your help!

Now this mother bird is having a final sit for the season.  I think it is too hot.  She has 5 eggs under there, and they were due to hatch yesterday.  There was nothing tonight, so I will keep a close watch tomorrow.  I have boiled some chicken eggs for them to feed to the babies, if they hatch.

This is one of the little babies from Christmas time.  They looked like little dinosaurs, and now all fluffy and cute.  They grow so quickly.  There's been 10 babies hatch and survive.  I've had a couple of fatalities - they don't all survive.

Another Christmas Baby!

Hardy Aggies - oldies, but goodies . . .

. . . and this was one of my "pot luck" roses I bought in the winter for $5.  I am thrilled with the flower. I think a Double Delight.

Vegi Garden make over tomorrow - expected temperature much lower

. . . a familiar sight at my back door - my Christmas Gloves have already worn a hole ~

. . . another Christmas Baby
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Susan said...

A good holiday post Annie......a little bit of everything. Your babies are so sweet. My poor garden is suffering in this weather too, thank goodness for the aggies.

Midge said...

It's so hard keeping up with the watering when it's so hot. I feel your pain!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

We hear that your summer is freakishly hot, so terrible! We are also in northern NY state near Canada having a freakishly warm winter week---usually average upper 20s F and we will see 50s + F! Your flowers are so wonderful :)

Muddling Through said...

Oh, Annie, I feel for you! I am so NOT looking forward to summer. Spring, yes, summer - no. Your flowers still look amazing though, must be all the loving care they get. And I'm pretty sure your creativity thrives in a bit of clutter.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your Christmas babies are so sweet, I hope this next batch does well.

I dread the thought of summer coming, heat, humidity, the threat of hurricanes. UGH.

I had to laugh at seeing your creative space, it looks all to familiar to me. I just started cleaning mine up as it was really starting to depress me.

I like you scrap piece you are working on.

Love your $5 rose and your hydrangea and is that dill in your veggie garden?

Love and hugs to you dear Annie,
FlowerLady Lorraine

Calidore said...

My garden is suffering too. I'm resigned to the fact I will loose plants but there is nothing I can do about it. Love to see your sewing room looks like Clean sewing rooms are lovely but cleaning does take time away from the actual creative process. Ahh the dilemma.

Paula Shaw said...

Your $5 rose is my favourite rose. Does it have a strong perfume?

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing the pictures of your garden, it must be stunning. What are the very decorative plants in the front of the first picture?

I'm very much over our summer and will be glad when autumn rolls around which it can do anytime soon!!

We haven't had any rain here (northern NSW). All I can do is water and hope it survives. The vegie patch is looking very sad.

Jan said...

Annie, you've made my day - now I won't be ashamed to show you my sewing space because it looks just like yours! (although you are way more productive than I am). We are watering too, not from the tank alas as it's just about dry; have had a few losses but most things are holding up. See you soon!

Quiltedtime said...

Beautiful! Are the pods in the first picture from poppies? Such artful shapes they are!

blandina said...

I love the poppy heads, they are so decorative.
And about baskets, I love them too but I have to refrain from buying since I do not know where to put them!

KaHolly said...

First of all, thanks for the visit and the lovely comment. I enjoyed visiting YOUR blog today. Love your gardens and your birds, but esp. love your scrappy quilt block. I find that I have to tidy up my work space every once in often looks similar to yours when I'm in a sewing frenzy. And the baskets?? I can't resist them, either. Mine are spread throughout the house with sewing projects and fabric scraps in them!! Stay cool!

Jenny said...

Love all your Christmas babies. I know how you feel about the hot-we've been watering madly too but today we had rain glorious rain and a much cooler day. Your work space has certainly seen some action:)

ozjane said...

I have an amazing problem with baskets. They hang in the laundry...they sit in odd places and they are stashed on top of a bureau in the spare room....they flit on the beds....I cannot part with them....well vary rarely.
Lovely garden photos as usual. Enjoy those holidays.

RheLynn said...

I have gotten my basket problem under control - but I still feel the tug :) I think I'm down to under a dozen now - because they have to be in use to keep them! I used to have a terrible penchant for animal baskets - geese, rabbits and I had a cat as well. I lost all of those in a move, but they were not as useful, either.