Friday, April 26, 2013

My first Camelia

I'm excited to find my first Camelia this week.  I'm not so good at growing these beauties, so it is pretty special.  I've been working on a special garden for them.

My Uncle Max Winter Gladdies have been magnificent this year.  I have about a dozen of them right outside my sewing room window and the red is striking.  It doesn't really show the vibrance of the colour in these photos.

This is the new area that my "Clever Sister" dreamed up for me.  No sooner said than done!  I'm very happy with the result.  The salvia in the foreground is called Limelight, and is a very attractive one in full bloom right now.

I also made a Granite Sand path up to one of my avairies.  I have planted a pot of tulip bulbs and covered them with a net to stop other birds, but especially . . . cats!

Ta daaaa - my new gate.
I wanted a little garden gate, so created a space for one.
My husband assures me that it goes nowhere and is quite useless, but . . .

The very action of walking through a gate in the garden, gives me a lot of pleasure . . . and anyway, it leads to my second Avairy, and my fishpond, where I have made myself a little seat to contemplate the day.

very peaceful and private - no-one can see me from the back door, when they put their head out and call out.  I don't even have to duck!

This is my first special "Sister Garden" from another vantage point.

Fushia - Voo Doo - full large and flambouyant


Autumn Tubourus Begonias - in pots from our recent Festival

. . . and Lillies inside, from the Talbot Farmers Market.
I bought some bulbs too!

and slowly heading back to my sewing room as the days draw shorter and the darkness falls - usually before I get home from school
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Bloom said...

Annie, it seems hardly plausible that we can have so much in common: I have terrible trouble growing camellias, having killed many stone-dead over the years; I share your love for salvias; and for granite sand paths. Cats, **$@&%$@ CATS digging up stuff they shouldn't - our pond goldfish are the latest fatality. I LOVE your gate, can imagine your dearest's derision of a gate leading to nowhere, but completely agree with the pleasure of a gate in the garden. And every girl needs a little hide-y hole to escape to! I am totally with you my gardening sister :) Ros x

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Congrats on growing and having your first Camelia bloom. That would be exciting for me too.

I love your gardens, your paths and that garden gate is oh so sweet. I love it that you made a little bench where you can rest and hide out for some comtemplation time.

Love and hugs to you,

Paula Shaw said...

Absolutely amazing again. Fuchsias are a fav of mine but the frost always kills them here. I may need to come and sit in that hidey spot so no one can track me down.

Calidore said...

Annie the garden is looking amazing and that salvia is divine. Who cares if a gate leads to no where - it's gorgeous.

Susan said...

Your garden is so gorgeous......I wish you could come and revitalise mine! Love your new gate too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

Muddling Through said...

What a glorious bunch of color and beauty you have shared today! I've never seen a camellia exactly like that. My mother had sasanqua camellias on either side of the front door, beauties in purest white in the winter time when nothing else was blooming. They are still there.

Locket Pocket said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous Annie - you clearly love it so much! :o) xx

Nikki said...

Thank you for the tour around your garden, Annie. I love it all, but especially love that you have your opwn little hide-away seat. When we're back from the USA, the wee girl and I will come and visit it all for real again.

Mum said...

Love your garden gate Annie, Its all looking very special at your place. You will be spending more time indoors when the cold weather comes.Plenty of sewing time in the winter.!

Jenny said...

Your garden seems to go on and on forever-so beautiful with so many nooks and cranies-your garden gate is lovely and so is your hideaway seat:) said...

that camelia is lovely and early. My sasanqua camelias are out but not the Japonica ones although the buds look exciting.