Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some more Garden Love

Canaries on nests - births, deaths, animal instincts, all fascinating stuff.

Wonderful bulbs from my mother - magnificent flowers

RED California Poppies - a seedling from the nursery - very hard to propogate from seed.  Not like the common orange ones.

Reports up to a reading point - toe feeling quite good
Last week of crutches.
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Thimbleanna said...

YAY for the last week of crutches!!! Thanks for the birdie pictures -- always so fun to see!

Leanne said...

You will soon be running. As always lovely garden pics.

Willow said...

Good to see the canaries again and flowers .
Our flowers are surely gone till March !

Willow said...

I had also meant to say , happy to hear you will be off crutches very soon. Hope you are feeling much better .

Muddling Through said...

Your canaries are just amazing to me. How exciting it must be to see them day by day as they go about their lives. And your flowers, as always, are magnificent! Thank you for sharing your bliss.

JB said...

Magnificent certainly describes that flower...amazing!Good to hear you are back on your feet and reports are almost done.

WJB said...

Congrats on growing that wonderful red californian poppy. Did you really buy seedlings .I have never seen them for sale.I planted a packet of semi doubles assorted colours in jiffy pots and only 4 produced seedlings.I;m waiting to see what develops! ! !