Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spring Bounty

As I hobbled around my garden yestederday afternoon, I was continually marvelling at the beauty of nature and all the wonderful plants that live in my garden.

The Poppies at the moment are AMAZING.  The petals, the colours the fullness of the blooms.  All from a tiny seed - it's just amazing.

My last Crabapple is in bloom.  I have had 2 other lovely ones, but this is such a pretty one and it is a street tree around where I live, and I just had to have one for myself. 

My new little Pea Straw garden is a favourite spots for the pussy cats to sit, and rub thier fur.  I'm sure they think I have put it there as a seat for them when I am in the garden.

Everywhere I look, there is something special.

. . . and look at this little Viola with a silver lining: I love thier faces.

I have been home from school for 3 weeks.  The majority of time has been spent flat on my back in bed.  I am so thankful that my flowers have continued blooming and I haven't missed out.

Tomorrow, I am heading back to work.  Check out our School Garden with this link.  We had a Working Bee yesterday, and it is looking amazing.  My foot is a little sore today from the "hop factor". I was so excited to be back amongst everyone and everything.

. . . and if you don't fuss too much about weeding, you get the bonus of beautiful pea flowers coming from the pea straw in amongst things.
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Jan said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. It's such a lovely time of year in the garden - but where did the lovely weather go?? Never mind; we are having visitors from Launceston this afternoon and I am about to go out and pick some pretty flowers to welcome them. Good luck for your first week back, Annie.

Leanne said...

That dark coloured Poppy is lovely all of mine are soft pink. Take care next week back at school, make sure nobody steps on your toe.

Quiltedtime said...

You peas are already getting so tall! One of my cats used to bite the tops off of the pea plants and eat them. Chewed them right up and swallowed them. So WATCH your peas, Annie.

Midge said...

Your garden always looks so lush and green. Wonderful.

Linda said...

Hello Annie, what a beautiful series of photos!

JB said...

Glad to hear you are up and about, even at a hobble. Your garden looks beautiful, lush and full of interesting things. It is all amazing that from the little seed a life cycle of beauty ensues. I have sold pea straw flowers on the market stall. They make beautiful garnish for those who like to decorate their food.

Rita @The Crafty Expat said...

Wow! Your garden look fantastic! These are great shots, amazing flowers, beautiful colors!