Friday, April 26, 2013

My first Camelia

I'm excited to find my first Camelia this week.  I'm not so good at growing these beauties, so it is pretty special.  I've been working on a special garden for them.

My Uncle Max Winter Gladdies have been magnificent this year.  I have about a dozen of them right outside my sewing room window and the red is striking.  It doesn't really show the vibrance of the colour in these photos.

This is the new area that my "Clever Sister" dreamed up for me.  No sooner said than done!  I'm very happy with the result.  The salvia in the foreground is called Limelight, and is a very attractive one in full bloom right now.

I also made a Granite Sand path up to one of my avairies.  I have planted a pot of tulip bulbs and covered them with a net to stop other birds, but especially . . . cats!

Ta daaaa - my new gate.
I wanted a little garden gate, so created a space for one.
My husband assures me that it goes nowhere and is quite useless, but . . .

The very action of walking through a gate in the garden, gives me a lot of pleasure . . . and anyway, it leads to my second Avairy, and my fishpond, where I have made myself a little seat to contemplate the day.

very peaceful and private - no-one can see me from the back door, when they put their head out and call out.  I don't even have to duck!

This is my first special "Sister Garden" from another vantage point.

Fushia - Voo Doo - full large and flambouyant


Autumn Tubourus Begonias - in pots from our recent Festival

. . . and Lillies inside, from the Talbot Farmers Market.
I bought some bulbs too!

and slowly heading back to my sewing room as the days draw shorter and the darkness falls - usually before I get home from school
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Modern Blocks

A new book arrived in the post for me this week.

I was thinking just one of my Bloggy Friends was represented here, but it seems that there are 2!

Makes me want to hide in my sewing room and SEW!

Last week I had a play with Solvie, and turned my scraps into fabric.
This is lots of fun to do.

I have also been playing with mini hexies . . .
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On my way home from work

I had to stop on my way home to capture this view.

Will have to get used to going home in the dark very soon.

Further around the Lake I had to give way to these guys "swaning" across the road at a leisurley pace.
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Sunday, April 14, 2013


The preparation was like nothing I'd seen before.

Miss Flowergarden has "come out" as a Supanova Geek.

It was a world I'd never heard of, but she and Master Flowergarden just HAD to go.
Gun made from textas, bits of string, glue and cardboard. Great holiday entertainment!

I bet no-one can guess who she dressed up as . . . I sure as hell didn't have a clue

They had a fantastic day and a real last "shebang" for the holidays. Back to school for us all tomorrow.
BTW her dedicated sewing mum, made those pants for her at the last hour the night before, with the last bit of fabric we could find at our local Spotty!
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

more Garden Show pics to share

Lots of bulbs were there and some came home with me for my garden.

The window frames were amazing . . .

I LOVED these giant butterflies that came through the exhibition buildings - weilding their very large wings.

This is a new rose that I simply must have!
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