Saturday, November 30, 2013


You know, when someone just wants to 'hang out' with you . . .
When someone just wants to come over and do whatever it is that you're doing-
When someone knows what you really want, and they can help you . . .
Actually, when they WANT to help you . . .
. . . and then they do!
I call that
with capital letters!

You all know I've had a sore toe right?
Well today, my friend came and helped me pull weeds in my garden.

The place I love spending time in the most . . .
The place that has been frustrating me as the weeds take hold . . .
I just couldn't do it on my own, and today, my friend came to help me

Friendship is something I value very highly in my life.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Around the Breakfast Table

Discussing flight and young ones . . .
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Day Trip to a Wonderful Garden

Today, Mr Flowergarden and I headed off for a day trip together.
I was excited to be seeing one of my new found favourite gardens in the Springtime.

The roses that my Aunt grows from seed, are truely amazing!
There were so many beautiful ones.

The garden was magnificent, and everywhere I looked there were special treasures with stories to go with them.  It was such a treat to walk around with her and hear the threads of the history unraveling.

Some familiar favourites, and some new wonders . . .

The weather was particularly rotten on our drive there, but after a lovely Saturday lunch with freshly picked and cooked vegetables from the garden and the traditional fare, the rain stopped for my walk, and the sun shone.

I've decided I will visit again, in every season, and see the magic of this garden unfurl.

Thanks for a lovely day Beth and John, and it was especially great to meet up again with cousin Janet.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some more Garden Love

Canaries on nests - births, deaths, animal instincts, all fascinating stuff.

Wonderful bulbs from my mother - magnificent flowers

RED California Poppies - a seedling from the nursery - very hard to propogate from seed.  Not like the common orange ones.

Reports up to a reading point - toe feeling quite good
Last week of crutches.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Through the Garden Gate

It was a lovely evening when I got home from work today.

Before I put my sore to up, I took a slow walk around my garden
in the evening light.

Now it's back to report writing!
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