Sunday, August 24, 2014

What a WEEK!

 Last week at school was H U G E
It was our Bi Annual Arts Week.
 All week (with the exception of a few classes here and there) were dedicated to creative arts.  My idea of a little slice of heaven.
 There was dancing, singing, workshops of all shapes and sizes . . .
 . . . a visit to the local Art Gallery
 Guest Performers
 I did happen to sneak in a little bit of gardening with the children
 Collaborative Projects
 and heaps of fun stuff
 All culminating with a Public Exhibition on Friday arvo
 Each classroom made their space into an Art Gallery

 It was amazing
 It made me feel very proud of our school and students
 and thankful that I could be part of it

 This is one of the Trojan Horses from my room
The alternate years we have a school concert . . .
but I think I like Arts Week best!


Quiltedtime said...

What a wonderful display of work for your students and your school. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Jan said...

Congratulations to the students and staff, Annie - what wonderful results. And what fun. I loved being part of it, the students were so enthusiastic and imaginative. See you tomorrow?

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Annie you have a lot to be proud of here for sure. The children did great work! A lovely post.

trash said...

Oh wow! Arts Week looks like the bomb! And sooo many ace ways of joining art up with the rest of the curriculum.

WJB said...

No wonder the children enjoyed all the art experiences, and you enjoyed it too.