Thursday, February 26, 2015

Little Ted

 This is Little Ted, who tucks up with me each night. 
 He is quite cosy in there, and I took the photo to show one of my Grade 6 boys who was telling me that he tucked up with his ted every night.  I think he was surprised that I did too.
 This is Master Flowergarden 14 and Miss Flowergarden 17 heading off to school in all their finery.
 I'm so happy they can go off together this year, and love seeing them carrying instruments to make wonderful music.
 In my sewing room, I am slowly working on my Liberty Quilt Mini Log Cabins.  It's almost like a watercolour with all the beautiful prints melting into one another.
 I really must stop taking these pictures from my car window....but it's such a wonderful sight for my eyes. 
 Then at MY school, it's all about Data Collection and Feedback.
 OK!  That's enough now
Mid Term Busy with lots of information RUSHING through my mind.  Would much prefer to be


Patsy said...

Lovely post today!

Susan said...

Nothing fills a mothers heart like her own happy children.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie Family aLL well also Mum J lOVE drofla

Sue said...

Gee they look alike Annie, I cannot believe how tall your "baby" is!! Looking swish in those uniforms bet their music is super awesome!

JB said...

It is great to see them off to the same school...with their instruments. They are growing up fast!

Nell said...

Lucky Little Ted. I think I would have sweet dreams tucked under such a beautiful happy quilt too!