Sunday, February 28, 2016

I forgot to mention

 Thank you all for your responses to my last post.  I forgot to mention how important my blogging and the blogging community were in those difficult years.  It was so helpful to be able to loose myself in a creative, supportive community and share passions and ideas, and also receive such wonderful feedback constantly from all over the world. Thank you all.
 I'm feeling much better heading into the next week, and I wanted to mention how wonderful it was to see this well worn quilt hanging on the line in my sister's garden on my last visit Up North.  I make my quilts with love and to see them loved is my reward.
 Zinnia's would have to be one of my favourite Summer flowers.  They are so bright and cheery, and last for such a long time. 
 I have a soft spot for hydrangea's too.  I set up a watering system this Summer so they haven't suffered at all.  Soon it will be time to prune them all back.  I think I will take lots of cuttings this year.  There are always more places to plant them . . . don't you think?

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Elaine/Muddling Through said...

We've had no winter at all this year, so I just pulled the zinnias from the garden yesterday. Mainly because it's time to clean it out and plant veggies! When I hit fifty, my darling daughters made sure to tell me that I was now half a century old. Thanks a lot! LOL