Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Chooks

Only a few days of holidays to go, and I find myself not knowing which passion to turn to - gardening or sewing!!! The rain has come, and that has made it a little easier, but I still want to get out there and dig. I have still been collecting the leaves from the gutters, much to the horror of my children. What beautiful compost I have down in the bottom of the garden. The chooks are happy if not a little cold. I have a bale of straw in my car that I will share with them tomorrow so they can go "scritchety scratch"
Ohhhh... and P.S. I too am ticking the projets off my To Do list! It's amazing the power of print! Stay tuned for some photos of some finished products.


Jodie said...

I hope it has been a lovely day !!

David and Melissa said...

Hi Annie,
I'm one of Jodie's friend's and I would like to wish you a happy birthday!!
Best Wishes Melissa mrs bfv 0:).......

Georgie said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!!!!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!! I come to you by way of Ric Rac's Jodie. And, according to her ~ I get some cake now :)

I love your chook pic ~ my shop at Etsy is Three French Hens & this would be PERfect ... especially since the hens are snacking!!

Happy Birthday!

Jenny said...

Hi-great site! i can empathise with you trying to fit everything in as I a a teacher in Adelaide-don't you get such a lot done in the holidays? Good luck for this term I still have a week to go.Happy Birthday too!