Sunday, July 22, 2007

I've got MAIL

I've always wanted to put a post on with a post bag, and finally....I've got MAIL! A BEAUTIFUL scarf that my friend Brenda knitted for my birthday. She emailed and said it was in transit early in the week, and each night I came home from school looking in the box, and asking family ... "any mail for me?"
By Friday, I had almost given up hope and was about to accept that a postie had found a lovely new scarf, when there was a knock at the front door. The young lass said she was the daughter of our neighbour who is holidaying in Queensland. She came by to check the house, and looked in her mailbox and found my parcel. It had probably been sitting there all week!! I was very happy to recieve it and knew instantly what it was. Aren't people great...except for posties who get the numbers of houses mixed up!
The same georgous friend has a Mother who is just as generous and has brought me a great deal of pleasure. Earlier in the year when I was unwell, she gave me 6 beautiful pots of orchids and I have been tenderly looking after them and look what happens ...

I just think they are SO special.


Tamara said...

Orchids are lovely, I posted about mine too. Thank for your comment. I would love to see the quilts you did for your school

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful flowers and a beautiful scarf - well worth waiting for!
Kim x

Barking Mad said...

What a lovely scarf. You're a lucky girl Annie.