Saturday, August 4, 2007

Smelly Pre-Teens

I can't believe my first baby is turning 12 next week. He is taller than me, has long unruley hair and doesn't have a care in the world for personal hygeine. He has decided to celebrate his birthday this year with 5 friends for a sleep-over. Initially he made up the invitations and made the time from 9.30am on Saturday until 4.30pm on Sunday. Thankfully he let me read the invitations before sending them out, and I modified them ever so dramatically! The boys are here and thank goodness I have my sewing room to hide in as they are SOOOoooooo LOUD! We made a very successful cake with donuts and drizzled chocolate over the top.

A VERY easy idea and so quick. There really wasn't much preparation needed for this party, as the boys have basically entertained themselves. Most of them are now (finally) quietly watching DVD's, but the other 1/2 are still rauchious.

A few snacks, and some party pies for tea on Pre-Teen request, and a couple of bottles of sauce. Pretty easy party really, but just the noise..... For an activity, Ric Rac lent me her Flossy, and the boys all loved experimenting in the kitchen earlier in the afternoon.

I will be glad to sink into my bed tonight and wave them all off in the morning ..... that is after pancakes for breakfast on Pre-Teen request!


Amanda Edwards said...

Hi there Annie. I just read your comment on my bobbin push pin tute and thankyou for your kind words. I am wondering which school you teach at? I am from Ballarat, went to "East High" now Ballarat Secondary College, graduating 1999. It is a funny small world, isn't it?

Jodie said...

Hiya Annie,
I'm glad you have survived the teenage onslaught. I am almost done on the costumes and have a BANG !! idea for my cushion challenge. Shall tease you with it tomorrow at knitting !!!
I hope it was a happy birthday for Master 12.

Jenny said...

Hi Annie,Sounds like the boys had a really great time and were very easy to please. Hopefully you got some sleep! All your garden pictures and new blog revamp looks wonderful. Cheers

Ragged Roses said...

Oh sleepovers, the teenage ones just go on and on - it takes me forever to recover. Hope it was a success and you got some sleep. That cake looks great!