Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weekend Bliss

I have been looking forward to the weekend and just wanted to chill out at home doing the two things I like best, and that is sewing and gardening. The deadline is drawing nigh for the Chocolate Lollipop Cushion Competition. I have "fiddle farted" around, unpicked seams, blurred my eyes to see if my idea really worked and then started again from scratch. I'm pleased to say, I have finally finished and am quite pleased with the outcome. Can't show you sorry, as I have to enter it in by next Friday, so you'll have to wait and see the results.
As for my wool fettish, I mean love affair, I have put some boundries on the relationship. After my 26th visit to Spotlight during the week, I made a firm decision that it was the LAST ball for the season. It has been soooo tempting.

I have filled one of my felted baskets with balls of wall - I am now experimenting with smaller hooks to see what happens.

After a good deal of inside sewing time, I put on my gardening boots and outside I went. I had a lovely time moving plants about as I have just finished extending all my garden beds to make room for planting. I cut back my salvias right to the ground ready for a Spring flush and found some plants that had been hidden by larger growing species. I am loving all the bulbs at the moment. They are so happy and such promise of Spring time. When I got home on Friday night I did all the washing and a "white tornado" on the house work so I could bask in my passions for the whole weekend. I even went out and picked some beautiful jonquils and filled a vase.

I just love being home.


Bren said...

Aren't we lucky to have such beautiful gardening weather? Our driveway was resurfaced during the week - looks great, but unfortunately left a haze of cement over all the plants. Wouldn't it be good if tradepeople loved plants as much as we do? I have been cleaning the leaves of the camellia's one by one, and they are starting to smile again.
Very jealous pof your wool stash!!!! Don't be surprised if some go missing while I visit! Can't wait to see your cushion entry!!

Jenny said...

Me too! I am such a home body these days!I can see some serious bag crocheting and felting is on the way for you! I am glad you are pleased with your cushion-can't wait for a peek. Is it Monday already tomorrow?

Jodie said...

Hi Annie, So glad you had a quiet weekend - You will never guess what tragedy had befallen the crafting in my house.....truly.

Donna said...

Hi Annie - thank you for the lovely comments on my post. Finally found the tag for the camellia and it is a japonica 'Nuccios's Pearl'. Here's my email jesskenATbigpondDOTnetDOTau....
cheers - ps love your felting!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, thanks for you kind words about my new adventure with the shop.
MadeIt is only for Australian Sellers, Etsy is the World.
MadeIt for us Aussies so postage is cheaper.
Lots of handmade items.
I've sold my coasters already.