Monday, September 24, 2007

Pay It Forward - and Give Away Thank-You's

What a busy time I've had the last few days. Holidays are here at last and I'm all excited to be going on a family holiday tomorrow. I have been tending my garden in preparation and doing just a tad of sewing. Look at my new lovely vase and pretty Freesia's ... aren't they a beautiful picture. They are sitting right beside my computer and have me happy each time I've come into my room.
On Saturday we toasted Bon Voyage to What Katie Did. You can follow her travels with us if you like. We had the jolly party at Ric Rac's and there she presented my Pay It Forward gift which was just magnificent. Thank you so much Jodie. Meg, if you are reading this, Jodie and I have decided to combine postage of yours next week, thanks for being so patient with us Aussie Girls!
Jodie also made these delicious buckets for Master P for his new plane which was finally put up on his bedroom wall this weekend. He is thrilled with it and so is Teddy for having a new purpose in life!

When the postie came along today on his motor bike, he brought a parcel from my friend Donna at Thirties Green, and I was delighted to open it and "oggle" at some of the things she had found by the side of the road. Thanks so much Donna, I LOVE them.

I sat up last night until midnight watching the Pay It Forward movie and I cried and cried. Get it out on DVD if you haven't seen it. Lots of food for thought.


Jodie said...

Annie, I hope you have a great holiday !

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love those flowers too, just a beautiful perfume.
Great Pay It Forward present and yes I too cry everytime I watch that movie.

Bren said...

Aren't you lucky to have so many like-minded friends!

Jenny said...

Have a wonderful family holiday Annie. LOVE the plane and yes I can see why ted is so happy. Freesias are beautiful flowers and I love their smell. Must get out that movie in the holidays.

Donna said...

Thanks Annie - glad you liked them - enjoy!

Linda said...

Have a nice holiday. I'll be back to visit when you're back.