Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travelling North

The closest my kids have been to camping in a long time!
On the weekend I travelled north to Mildura to see my folks. I had to take a day off work as it was a 6 hour drive to get there. The whole family went and the chn were very excited to be seeing their Granny and Pa and 2 Aunties and Uncles. Actually it was a bit of a rest for me, as my eldest son was only there 5 minutes and got on the push bike to go and see my sister, down the track, who lives on the same property. Actually both my sisters live on the same property as my folks. We have a farm of 100 acres on the Murray River just on the edge of Mildura. The kids love going there. For me however, there are lots of memories of childhood that I would rather not revisit, but it was great to see Mum and Dad.

My sisters both participate in the local farmers market and it just happened to be market weekend, so we got to check out the event we had only heard about. It was at the Inland Botanic Gardens which was an amazing place in itself. I must say my sis had a great stall, all very organic and home grown.

I bought some seeds for my garden, as I had promised my husband, that this time I wouldn't be brining home any plants from mum's garden .......ooops! that was before she and I did a spot of gardening together on the Saturday afternoon. I only brought 8 pots back!!

Sister no. 1 has an olive grove so the market is a great outlet for her olive oil. Sister no.2 has 5 camels, and raises vegetables from seeds. She contributes bunches of silverbeet, ocra, parsley etc. etc. They do a roaring trade once a fortnight, and it was interesting to witness it all in action.

My daughter celebrated her 10 birthday amongst the gum tree tops at Granny's and was very happy to be around extended family. Despite the miles, it was a good trip.


Anonymous said...

How lovely for you all, nothing like being around family and lots of it. My kids hate the travelling to get to places but love seeing relatives when we get to where we are going.
Gotta love markets anywhere....
Happy birthday to your daughter.
10 !!! What a big birthday for her.

Jenny said...

Sounds as though your whole family has got green thumbs! Farmers markets are so brilliant.Happy birthday to your daughter. I know it is a long trip in the car for the kids but a perfect opportunity to do some crochet!!!!Only two sleeps to go for you until holidays-how wonderful!

Donna said...

Happy 10th birthday to your little miss. Bet she doesn't seem so little anymore Annie. Your post has made me want to pack up and move out west!! Threads in the mail this afternooon. Now I would like to see something embroidered with them within a week. ONLY JOKING!!

sheila said...

only 8pots? well, I think you restrained yourself admirably well! :)

there is a botanical garden plant sale here this evening...and I'm almost afraid to go without DH along to keep the plant buying in check...but I may force myself :)

Bren said...

Sounds like you ahd a nice (if tiring!) pre-holiday holiday. Hope miss S. had avery ahppy day and got lots of things to keep her busy over the hols!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. The markets sound great.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I have visited Ballarat many times and I really love that part of Victoria.