Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Crazy Week

After such a lovely weekend, the week has whipped into a frenzy of pre School Concert and lots and lots and lots of jobs, meetings, things to remember, notes, costumes and not to mention the practise!!! My grade are Red Back Spiders, and I have been singing the song in my sleep, on the toilet, on the way to school, on the way home from school and in the Noodle Box. I have even been checking the toilet seat before sitting down! "There was a redback on the toilet seat, when I was there last night ... I didn't see him in the dark, but boy I felt it's bite!..." there I go again...

Anyway, it was good to have that calm before the storm, and I enjoyed some peaceful sewing and some crotchet which just helps to keep me calm throughout the week. I have felted some more baskets and am now trying some on a smaller hook to see what happens.

After my spot of gardening on the weekend, I now have a lovely spot to sit in my garden surrounded by plants and watch my chooks and contemplate life with my cup of tea! I just have to imagine the lovely crab apple tree behind the seat that will one day grow stong and beautiful and fulfill my vision.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weekend Bliss

I have been looking forward to the weekend and just wanted to chill out at home doing the two things I like best, and that is sewing and gardening. The deadline is drawing nigh for the Chocolate Lollipop Cushion Competition. I have "fiddle farted" around, unpicked seams, blurred my eyes to see if my idea really worked and then started again from scratch. I'm pleased to say, I have finally finished and am quite pleased with the outcome. Can't show you sorry, as I have to enter it in by next Friday, so you'll have to wait and see the results.
As for my wool fettish, I mean love affair, I have put some boundries on the relationship. After my 26th visit to Spotlight during the week, I made a firm decision that it was the LAST ball for the season. It has been soooo tempting.

I have filled one of my felted baskets with balls of wall - I am now experimenting with smaller hooks to see what happens.

After a good deal of inside sewing time, I put on my gardening boots and outside I went. I had a lovely time moving plants about as I have just finished extending all my garden beds to make room for planting. I cut back my salvias right to the ground ready for a Spring flush and found some plants that had been hidden by larger growing species. I am loving all the bulbs at the moment. They are so happy and such promise of Spring time. When I got home on Friday night I did all the washing and a "white tornado" on the house work so I could bask in my passions for the whole weekend. I even went out and picked some beautiful jonquils and filled a vase.

I just love being home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Market Reports, Chocolate Lollypop and more...

All washed and ironed and layed out to be admired, I don't think I realised quite how much fabric came home with me from that Craft Fair a few weeks ago...
I will have to get busy and use some of it, rather than just waiting to die with the most!!

I have had a success story with my felted crotchet. I put it in the washing machine with a small blanket and was thrilled with the result. So much so, I have instantly started another one.
Now for some Magnolia Square goodies ...

And yes, I have finally started my Chocolate Lollypop cushion for the competition at Ballarat Patchwork due the end of August. I seem to work best under pressure!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Magnolia Square

Have wheels, will travel - Ric Rac and I rose early, we drove, we talked (all the way!) and we arrived in close vacinity of "Magnolia Square."

My dear friend Brenda had agreed to drive us in her Big Red Car. (once we hit the Big Smoke). She was coming too, and in preparation for the event had entered a competition in the Get for Nothing paper, and won herself a prize. She IS a 'clever puss!'
We had a wonderful day!

We met Aunty Cookie and thought her stall was the VERY BEST. We said it very loudly and took photos, but most of them came out fuzzy. (Sorry about that, I was disappointed). Oh and we bought LOTS of goodies there. We are both big fans of Aunty Cookie.
Once again, we had a wonderful day. Back to Brenda's for a Country Style Lunch and a spot of sewing, and then on to late afternoon tea before heading off into the sunset back to our cosy little nests.

Did I mention we had a great day out!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nimble Fingers

I've been busy with my crotcheting and have become quite addicted. My husband says I have become obsessed. In a weird sort of way, it seems to make me feel calm and relaxed. I have almost finished my blanket I'm making for my dear old Dad, and in the meantime, I have been introduced to these wonderful patterns for baskets and handbags that you crotchet and then felt in the washing machine. They are Jenny King designs and I think they are wonderful! I found her little stall at the Craft Fair (in Melbourne - yes I know it was at least 2 weeks ago, but I feel like my feet still haven't touched the ground and there's been no report from me!) and had a great time there looking at absolutely EVERYthing and drooling over the wools etc. I bought some delicious wool to make my mum a scarf. I haven't even taken any photos yet, but then again, yes I have made up one of the baskets ready for felting, started a handbag and a 2nd basket. Yes, I promise that I am still working on Dad's blanket!
In the middle of Mondayitus my beautiful friend Jodie came to my classroom door and delivered my very special belated birthday present which I'm sure some of you have seen in the making. I was SO excited to finally see it and give it a cuddle. It now has pride of place on my crafting couch and is something I will treasure forever. Thanks Jodie xo

I am so lucky to have like minded friends at work and at play. It is indeed a "wonderful wonderful life!" Not only the magnificent cushion, but a beautifully hand made card as well. Probably a good day for a little spoiling of me, as I was feeling a little down.

She's right though ... "Craft, it's cheaper than therapy!"

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy, happy, happy

I think I have finally recovered from last weekends birthday festivities and am a Happy Mamma again. It was all fairly stressful in the end, and then continued on throughout the week. A surprise cake on Wednesday - Marble Mud covered with special bits of choc. Master 12 was very pleased with himself, and the post kept rolling in from every side....

Presents to Send - "bright shiny things.."

Pay it forward has hit my blog and I have promised to send the first 3 people a handmade pressie! I will copy and paste the instructions now from Ric Rac ...

I have joined The Pay it Forward Exchange over at Jodie's blog . Here is how it works

"I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange! I don't know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week...LOL... but you will receive it within 365 days, that's a promise! and it will be something yummy!! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog ..."

So there you go - first three to make the same promise are my prizewinners - Couldn't be easier.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Smelly Pre-Teens

I can't believe my first baby is turning 12 next week. He is taller than me, has long unruley hair and doesn't have a care in the world for personal hygeine. He has decided to celebrate his birthday this year with 5 friends for a sleep-over. Initially he made up the invitations and made the time from 9.30am on Saturday until 4.30pm on Sunday. Thankfully he let me read the invitations before sending them out, and I modified them ever so dramatically! The boys are here and thank goodness I have my sewing room to hide in as they are SOOOoooooo LOUD! We made a very successful cake with donuts and drizzled chocolate over the top.

A VERY easy idea and so quick. There really wasn't much preparation needed for this party, as the boys have basically entertained themselves. Most of them are now (finally) quietly watching DVD's, but the other 1/2 are still rauchious.

A few snacks, and some party pies for tea on Pre-Teen request, and a couple of bottles of sauce. Pretty easy party really, but just the noise..... For an activity, Ric Rac lent me her Flossy, and the boys all loved experimenting in the kitchen earlier in the afternoon.

I will be glad to sink into my bed tonight and wave them all off in the morning ..... that is after pancakes for breakfast on Pre-Teen request!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wilson Visits

I'd forgotten how nice it was to pat a purring cat. I was brought up with cats but as an adult have never had a cat before. Wilson is a neighbours cat who is very friendly and likes to come and sit on top of the car where it's warm in our garage. My children are facinated with him and enjoy talking to him and showing him around our house every now and then. He is a beautiful cat and I did enjoy a little visit with him. Come again Wilson.