Saturday, November 27, 2010

. . . and that's a wrap!

"I'm Done" - well, that's what the kids say at school anyway and it really annoys me, so I'm trying it on. So happy to be finished reports at last, and hope there are not too many things to fix up once the Big Brass check them over.
The storm last night was amazing. It has continued to rain ALL DAY today.
When the sun was setting last night the whole world turned a golden yellow colour. We were drawn outside to see, and it was like the universe was telling us something.

. . . maybe it was . . . "hurry up"


Leanne said...

Photos are great when there is a storm around. Well done on the reports.

BubzRugz said...

Great cloud pictures..

Susan said...

Really dramatic photos Annie - the colour is quite intriguing too.

ozjane said...

wow...its a wrap! She is done.
Isn't it a relief. I was going to do some more accounting tonight but Christmas Dresden is both seducing me and driving me nuts as I do the long sashing.

Love the take is that it is a pointer to Christmas...Glory to God in the sang the angels.
I saw it here but it was a wee bit wet to go out in night attire....which I am ashamed to admit has been mine for the past two days........but the Christmas decorations are up and that feels akin to the reports being finished.

FlowerLady said...

Wow, what beautiful coloring. Amazing photos Annie.


Lizzie said...

It was an amazing sunset wasn't it, it's still raining this morning and I've emptied the rain gauge twice in 24hrs! My daughter finished reports last night too, I could hear her sigh of relief from Geelong.....

Patsy said...

Beautiful sky!

Rachael said...

What amazing photo's Annie! Beautiful. can't wait to catch up with you at the Main Road market to get some vegie plants from you. It has inspired me to get the vegie garden sorted.