Friday, November 26, 2010

"I get by with a little help from my friends. . ."

A walk around my garden was my reward for "almost" finishing my REPORTS!
My timing was spot on, as I watched this amazing storm roll in.
Like a huge explosion in the distance . . . and then the rains came. I opened all the doors and let the sound of the rain on the roof resonate throughout the house and skipped around singing "Hark to the Rain - Hark to the Rain" just like my mother used to do. My kids think I'm slightly crazy, but what the heck! I actually heard my youngest last week do a "Hark to the Rain" when it started coming down. I said nothing to him but had a HUGE smile on the inside of my heart. "The universe is unfolding as it should"
I posted a picture of this magnificent cactus last week. It was much lighter then. We had a little snap of cold weather and it turned really rich in colour. It's just an amazing plant. Was a cutting from my Mother in Law a few years ago, and is quite ugly most of the time, but this is it's week to shine, and shine it does.
This is Wendy's Wish (Salvia) - and does very well in my garden and climate. Even my mother says so, and she is the Chief Gardener in our family!
This is a beautiful dark leaved Euphorbia. I think it might be called Black Bird? Not sure, but it's so pretty and the foliage is a lovely contrast in the garden.
One of my famous Poppies that just invite themselves into my garden year after year and are most welcome!
. . . and a couple of interesting cactus plants that I have given prime position at my back door and am loving their interesting different shapes.

. . . now, back to those REPORTS, not much to go now, I promise!!


Maree: said...

Especially love the piccie of the Poppy it is Gorgeous...always a Pleasure to see your Garden.

FlowerLady said...

What a fantastic cloud formation and then some glorious rain. Hark the rain. Wish I could say Hark the Rain, we really need some.

I love all of your different blooms. The colors are so wonderful.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

ozjane said...

Some lovely plants there. I love salvia and have a few and always look for more.
Am so glad the reports are nearly done. Unfortunately after my comments spurred me to work on my accounting I got distracted by putting Christmas decorations out.
But oh that glorious rain...and Lake Learmonth is well on the day to being full I am told by friends whose home on Weatherboard Hill tell me. I can see myself being temped up for a visit and maybe from there out to Lamby Nursery.

Patsy said...

We are going in to winter big time now so I will get my garden fix from you now, just have to have color all will be gray and brown here now. lol

Muddling Through said...

Hi Annie, we're having rain today, too, but it's a cold one for us. The rain is still welcome. We call those beautiful bloomers "Christmas cactus". Do you? Mine have not even thought of blooming yet, but yours are surely wonderful!

Jayne said...

Your photos are wonderful, well done on the storm pics, perfect timing!
Those cacti look amazing :)

Roger said...

Hi, Annie! Just want to say you have a very beautiful garden. I just love the color of the cactus and the poppy is indeed magnificent. How I wish my garden is as vibrant as yours with all of these beautiful flowers. Indianapolis, my hometown, appreciates a colorful backyard. Oh, I can call our local Indianapolis florist if they have these flowers. I would love to see some of them in my own little garden.

Keep posting pictures of your lovely garden!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

That last photo is absolutely stunning. Amazing. Your garden looks so beautiful.