Monday, November 22, 2010

Things I learnt at Sewjourn

When I was at Sewjourn a few weeks ago, I kept learning new things from the other girls. I kept saying "I need to write these things down, or I'll forget" I love learning new things.
Here's the list:

Hera Marker, for making lines on quilts. I'm surprised that with the amount of quilts I've made, I never knew about this wonderful too. (and thanks to Nikki for adding the tool to my kit) I always wondered how people got such straight lines!

Quilting Guide on my Walking Foot. It was there all the time and I never knew what it was for. Thanks Rachael for shedding the light.

Bias Binding Makers - heard of them, but never used one. Had some fun making some binding of all different sizes. Fantastic little machine.

Basting Spray - never used it, but think I might have a go at it - lots of positive comments.

"Elevensies" - time for a coffee and a trip to the bakery - love it Catherine, and think of you each day.

Quick and Easy Block Tool - C&T Publishing, I'm going to investigate this tool Rachael. Thanks for sharing

Some tips to quilt shops:, Pinkchalk, Fabricshack

A fantastic IRON - Philips GC4420 - thanks Lara for bringing it along

OTT Lite (Daylight Light) - I have to get myself one of these.

A great weekend of fun and learning
(still procrastinating)


ozjane said...

Thanks for the update on the pink flower being a cacti. Would not have picked that one.

Now stop procrastinating and get those rotten reports!

And if you knew me as well as some people do you would throw the stop procrastinating advice right back at me. Maybe I will actually do some work.

Muddling Through said...

Thanks for sharing. Great tips!

You work better under pressure, don't you? Ah, waiting for the last minute. I can so identify. (Not really a good thing, by the way. Sometimes I don't make it.... Just saying.) LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay... you have me interested now... for the walking foot... is that the big silver bent stick thingo???? Is that a guide? I've never used it cause I didn't know what it was!

yardage girl said...

Excellent tips - thanks so much for sharing. So jealous of your Sewjourn experiences!!

Patsy said...

I am glad to know all of this.