Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beauty Everywhere . . .

A Saturday morning walk around my flowergarden
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Susan said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful. The daffodil with orange tips is really unusual.

homeschooled said...

What a lovely garden you have Annie! Lovely photos.

ozjane said...

I love the third photo down but am not sure I can pick what it is.
Have your daffodils fallen over a lot this year. I have been looking at last year's photos and suspect that my bulbs are not as good this year and certainly those in the ground, in many many cases did not pop up again. especially hyacinths.

FlowerLady said...

Beautiful blooms.

Have a wonderful spring ~FlowerLady

Bren said...

Almost as beautiful as in person! Thanks for a lovely day, as always. Bx

sigisart said...

What a wonderful garden, awesome!!!
What a beautiful spring and here it´s autumn.
Hugs from germany

Quiltedtime said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Annie. We are supposed to be heading in to autumn here in the USA, but it has been 101 degrees this past week. My poor roses are toasted!

WendyBee said...

You remind how grateful I am for the combination of opposing seasons of the hemispheres and the internet. Here it is getting cool and golden and brownish. Lovely in its own way, but how nice that you brought us a fresh breath of spring.

Fay said...

Just lovely! Gorgeous muscari! I haven't had any yet! Beautiful!

Michelle said...

Beautiful photo's stunning flowers!

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