Monday, September 24, 2012


A beautiful Ranunculas
Lots of buds still to open

There are eggs, and then there are eggs!

Whoever laid this GIANT egg
would certainly have needed a a nanna nap that day!

The photos really don't give you an accurate impression
But I was fascinated at the size of this egg

Holding it in my hand was amazing
It was enormous

Weighing in at 111gms!!!

I'd never seen one so large
I think it will be a tripple yolker!
I'll find out tomorrow
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Chookyblue...... said...

that is one huge egg........what does it weigh???let me know how many yolks.......

Susan said...

Someone's having a good brekkie tomorrow!

niceneotech said...

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Quiltedtime said...

I can feel your sense of fascination. What kind of chickens do you have?

Nikki said...

Ouch! Poor chooky. :/

BTW - lovin' those quilts in the previous post, and the knittery that's been going on. I've been reading but not commenting much lately. Love ya work! xxx

Susan said...

Oh wow - well done chookie :D)

Michelle said...

We had a triple yolker last year... poor chook! one of my friends found an antique egg measurer thingy at an antique shop, I wonder if you can still buy them?

Jenny said...

Only your happy chooks could lay a whopper like that Annie:)

l'alternativa said...

Ciao, sono arrivata a te attraverso il blog di Blandina e ne sono felicissima, amo molto i fiori e la fotografia e i tuoi sono stupendi, molto belli anche i tuoi lavori. Complimenti!!!
Un abbraccio

blandina said...

Wow, are you sure it is a chicken egg and not a ...snake's one?

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WendyBee said...

What cute pictures! I'll be watching. Do you have a duck or a goose hiding out in your hen house?

Muddling Through said...

That is a BIG egg! We've seen some pretty big ones here, too. Don't know if they were that big though.

homeschooled said...

Well how many yolks?
You would only need 6 of them to make a dozen!