Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moving In

The knitting machine has officially "moved in"

Of course I had to do a spot of furniture rearranging in order for it to happen
Below is the "after" version of a stool I found in

Mr Flowergarden's "scrap metal" bin!

It came up alright, didn't it Mum! (after a bit of paint and a new cover)

This is my next "bit" of knitting

and here it is on the line, after I felted it in a hot wash

Now I have 2 nice bits - I wonder what I will make

PS I've ewrapped again tonight with new yarn, but have had a slight malfunction with my brain.
I'll try again tomorrow night. Forgot which needles had to stick out and which ones in!
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Kate said...

Ooh knitting machine - fun! I need to find time to get mine out again.

Maree: said...

I've always wanted one being a what you have Felted already...Great Colour.

Susan said...

The felted wool looks good, lovely colour. So glad you had space for the knitting machine.

Jan said...

Will there be room for us all in your room tonight, Annie?? Love what you're achieving.

bec said...

That felting makes me cry....I love the piece as it was, the texture of the knit! But how cool at what you made! Go you!

Quiltedtime said...

You are amazing!!! Love what you did to the stool. Looks comfy now.

Muddling Through said...

It's hard to decide which I like better - before or after felting. I'm sure you'll turn it into something I'll like even better!

millefeuilles said...

I love felted wool! This all looks really exciting :-)


WendyBee said...

So exciting to have new toys to play with, isn't it? Keep sharing as you discover all the lovely things you can make with it.

Anonymous said...

it looks like you pretty much have a shop annie.

Kitchen Accessories said...

"Moving In"
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blandina said...

Oh a knitting machine, I bet you will have a lot of fun with it!

Jenny said...

Enjoy Annie=can't wait to see what wonderful things you'll come up with

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