Thursday, July 11, 2013

Call To Order

I often see this outside my laundry window . . . and I wonder what they are talking about

Are they having a meeting?
Is this the President of the club below?
He's on the highest perch!

. . . and holidays are just wonderful, I saunter back into my sewing room to make accessories for my new Winter Bag.

What's new Pussy Cat
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apiecefullife said...

Is that me?
I wondered what you did today.

Quiltedtime said...

Your kitty is happy that you are home for the holidays :3.

Leanne said...

It looks very much like parliament to me LOL. I love the way cats and dogs put their tale over their nose. Love your new bag accessory.

Susan, a Sometimes Blogger said...

Beautiful birds amongst the buds :D)