Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Sweet Promise of Springtime

A morning walk around my garden on the last day of July

So many signs of promise and a colourful Springtime ahead

I'd love to get out and play in my garden, but it's just too cold, and I have lots of sewing to do inside by the fire.

Sweet Jane
My first year of loving Camelias
"Sweet Vi O let"
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Susan said...

It is amazing just how many things can flower in our cold winter gardens......but I'm with you, it's a bit too cold to be out there today.

Muddling Through said...

Looks to me like Spring is well on its way! Your flowers are all beautiful.

Leanne said...

Wishing spring was here. I love violets.

apiecefullife said...

Lovely photos Annie. Will winter be over when we get back?

Willow said...

Great crisp clear photos. I am loving your Spring flowers.
I have spent many days last week crocheting by ~ the air conditiiner. We had a heat wave.
It was however gorgeous comfy gardening weather today.

Val Spiers said...

You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden. I only have a few grevilleas but they do flower nearly all the time.

blandina said...

I love the first flower, what is it? I think that I never saw it.
What a colorful garden you have!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely garden you have.

JB said...

It is hard not to wish spring would hurry up, but summer can dawdle. Fickle wishes. Talk this weekend!

Ed B. said...

Beautiful flowers Annie! Did you take the photos yourself?

For those that might be interested, I have a new iBook, The Secret Life of Flowers, that is available on iTunes for free. The link is

There is also an Acrobat version that can be downloaded on my website at

I hope you enjoy the book, and please pass the link on to those that might be interested.

Ed B.

Rose said...

Such beautiful shots...I had forgot that you guys are opposite our seasons. said...

Lovely selection. Is that dark mauve a fritillai?
Probably spelt wrongly!