Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mobile Phone Downloads

I've been very frustrated tonight trying to download my photos from my phone.  I finally had some success with the help of Master 13 Flowergarden.
I found some lovely surprises.  This is the tree I made last year at school as a display, using one of my dad's old jumpers and some chenille.  We cut the leaves out of magazines.
. . . and then of course had to make some birdies.  I'm not in this room this year, but my friend who is there now, wanted me to leave it for her, so I still get to see it during meetings.  I DID love it!

These blocks have been completely abandoned.  I must hunt them out.  I forgot I even made them.  Hmmm, I wonder what else is lurking in the piles . . .

Leucadendrin on a cold frosty morning

. . . and this golden mushroom was AMAZING!  I'm sure my garden is magical!

. . . and some views from the Quilt Show in Melbourne on Saturday
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Anonymous said...

Hello, what beautiful quilting. You must have had a couple of special friends who took you there.

Leanne said...

I'm sure your garden is magical also.

apiecefullife said...

How was the quiltshow? Did you visit Quiltmania?
Nice tree!

Quiltedtime said...

Your golden mushroom is awesome!

You must do something with those abandoned blocks. They are really quite good.

Jan said...

Wow! Great pics, Annie. Love the tree. what will you do with those 'abandoned' blocks, I wonder? Have a great week.

Jenny said...

I bet the quilt show was awesome. You could have put some of yours in Annie. That tree is special and your new quilt is looking wonderful. It has been cold here too but not THAT cold.

Val Spiers said...

Great photos. I love your tree and that tea cosy is a work of art. I am partial to tea cosies. I don't usually take photos with my phone but when I took several at the fancy tea mum and I went to I found that they were automatically uploaded into my google plus album as private so I didn't have to do anything to find them on the computer. I can't explain exactly what happened but I do have google plus app on my phone and it is possible to change settings so photos go into an album or get posted.