Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Floriade 2014

 This time last year, I was heading to Floriade in Canberra.  It was a wonderful experience to see all the beautiful flowers, especially the tulips.
 This year, Floriade came to Ballarat!
 I've planted lots of tulips, and have some wonderful blooms out at the moment.
 These Species Hippiastrums are putting on a fabulous display.  They are hard to photograph, but the light this morning caught them beautifully.
 I've had Master Flowergarden 14 helping me out in the garden this school holidays.  We have filled an old potato box with pea straw and compost, and planted a crop of strawberries for summertime.
 I put the sticks in to keep the birds and the cats out of there, and so far it is working.
 These frilly poppies are amazing.  They are wild in my garden now, and I never know where they are going to spring up.
 . . . and for the tulips

 I do have to confess that some of the tulips belong to some friends who invited me over for a garden tour this lovely afternoon.
 Blossoms are everywhere and the smell is divine.
 This beautiful wire ball was made by my friend from some old barbed wire that was scrap.  It makes a wonderful feature.

Less travelling this year, and great views in our own back yards.
Go Gardeners!


Jan said...

Lovely to see your garden, Annie. I must come and visit soon, it's always inspiring. I'll have lots of photos from the "real" Floriade to show you soon.

Kate Both said...

I hope it is still blooming when I get home!

Patsy said...

Spring gardens are wonderful,and yours looks great.
We are heading in to fall here.

Lisa Whillans said...

Isn't it a joy!!! I have been spending so much time in the backyard this month, delighted everyday by what is blooming.

Lisa Whillans said...

I am hoping to vista Floriade and Tulip Top Gardens this weekend.

send flowers to philippines said...

Yeah, that tulips are really wonderful. Nice photos! Thanks for sharing your thoughts =)

Jenny said...

wow your tulips are amazing. What a treat it is to look at your garden through your lovely photos Annie

Norberto said...

Wow, you've done a great job in capturing the delicate nature of the flower with your camera! I was just wondering what camera do you use? How did your friend make the wire ball? I'm impressed that you have frilly poppies growing wildly! The tulips are beautiful, how long do tulips usually last?

Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes

Raymond Quinn said...

Those are some great pictures. I especially love the tulips. When I was younger, a friend's mother was having a photographer come to their house to take pictures and she completely redid the garden with hundreds of different types of tulips. It was really breathtaking and since then I have wanted to go to the Netherlands and see the tulips.

Raymond Quinn @ River Oaks Plant House