Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beautiful Weather

Another 2 days in my front garden and it is looking "splenderific"
The kids scooted up and down the street and played happily,
and it was fun all being outside together.

Do you see my Red Barked Japanese Maple that grows socks!
The branches were a bit bunched together and the nursery person suggested some socks to train them apart.
Doing the edges always makes SUCH a big difference.
I could sit and look at it all day, but I must get into my sewing room. I've forgotten what it looks like.


Karen said...

It was just the best weekend to be in the garden with such perfect weather! Your garden is looking wonderful. It is hard to go inside when the sun is shining.

Winifred said...

Splenderific is the word!

Calidore said...

I'm in awe of your gardening skills. The garden is looking magnificant. Well done. How hard was it to go into the sewing room??? I would be tempted to stay outside all day with views like that.

Jan said...

Hi Annie; how lovely your garden looks. I spent Sat at the craft expo with a friend and Sunday we raced up to Woodmans Hill for some new stuff (including a very spiffy diosma and a sweet little star magnolia)for the front garden. It was lovely to be out pottering in the sunshine.

Kate said...

Thats the problem with such nice weather; you feel guilty if you spend any time inside sewing! Your garden is lovely.

Susan said...

The rock edging looks great in your garden Anne.
Like the sock hint - can't quite see how they're working though. Are they tied or just bunched in between the branches to keep them apart?

Maree: said...

What can I Say...Your Garden is Just Beautiful..

Alice said...

Is it a Coral Bark Maple, Annie? Ours could do with a bit of expanding so I might try that sock tip too. You garden looks so lovely and green, very tidy too.

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog with your sock tree answer Annie. I had a mad thought that using brightly coloured socks would add an interesting element to the trees! :D

Anonymous said...

oh Annie more tulips
you're a wonder!