Tuesday, May 1, 2007

All Tucked Up

I sat in my big comfy chair all day on Sunday and finished Sarah's quilt. I had said to her that it would be ready by the end of the weekend. I felt like a quiet day, so I didn't even get out of my PJ's. I just sat and did the handsewing required. I stitched a label and it was ready for her to tuck up under at bedtime.

Shame about the blue carpet -

I have kept working on my sewing room make-0ver, oh I mean "folding my fabric" and it has led to colour coding the buttons, and colour coding the fabrics (which I must admid I'd never done before - such a sensible idea!!!) and finding lots of "to do" projects. The room is still in much disarray, but is a work in progress.

I had some wonderful help from my little boy Peter last night with putting different fabric in the different piles. He knew when I touched the fabric on my cheek that it was the "flanellette" pile. He knew the difference between a "useful" scrap and one that had to go in the rubbish pile. He kept saying to me "don't tell me mummy, I know!!" ... and he actually did, I was impressed. He really enjoyed the idea of finding more fabric, and find more we did. It seemed to be in every direction we looked. Once I had exhausted all the piles, I stood back and thought to myself .."I don't actually have that much fabric." I must have thought out loud, and my daughter (9 years)got a little clear button and put it on the floor near the piles. She said for me to imagine that I was the button, and the piles of fabric were buildings in a city. Each piece of fabric was a storey of that building. She walked the button through Fabric City looking up at all the tall buildings, explaining to me that; Mum, you did have quite a lot of fabric. It was a good analogy.

She obviously had plenty of time to think and observe but rather than work out all the piles like Peter, she played with the pin cushions and sorted the pins into colours and made different patterns with them. Both of them using excellent delay tactics as it was well past their bed times.


Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I see we were on the same wave length! LOL.

That is one nice compost bin you have. I am envious!

I smiled when I read about you staying in your PJ's all day long and fisnihing your beautiful quilt. I LOVE to spend winter Sundays doing the very same thing.

I am so glad to have met you.

Annie said...

Good to hear from someone out there in blogland Zoey. I love my compost too. My husband still has to finish putting some boards on the front so things don't fall out, but I'm loving collecting the leaves. At school assembly this morning a little girl ran up to me saing "Annie, we have some bags of leaves for you" I have a teacher friend who has horses bringing me a bag of poo to add as well. That's the type of cooking I like -the garden variety.