Thursday, May 3, 2007


I am still in tidy up mode, panicing somewhat as I am on the pointy end of my sick leave and will be heading back to work on Monday. I want it to be all ship shape as I know my head gets all messy when I'm in work mode and I'd like to look at a tidy work area - not that I will be working on sewing soon enough when reports get underway. However, I am enjoying my time alone in my sewing room with all my treasures and lovely fabrics. I am dreaming of all sorts of projects, so I think I will have to make a note of them in a little book, so I don't forget what I have dreamed of. I often forget ... In the midst

of all this indulence it is also time when all the luscious leaves are falling off the trees. My favourite season A U T U M N. So I have recently had my husband build a wonderful compost system for me to play in. Another playground for Annie! We have recently moved to a new area where all the gardens are young, so the trees are not mature and there are very minimal leaves around. Each time I drive into town, I have 4 enormous bags, my gloves and my trusty rake, and I don't come home without a load. I call it "importing leaves from central" but my daughter calls me the "leaf thief". I think there are plenty to go around and if I can help rake some up for people who won't use them anyway, it is all good. I love this time of year. The kids groan after school when we stop, but thankfully little Pete is still happy enough to help Mummy with her projects. Thanks Pete!
Love the leaves
Love the leaves
Love the leaves - they make such good compost and are so good for my garden. Thank you trees.

When I went to the Dr's the other day there was a sign up saying "free to good home - shredded paper, ask at reception" Of course I did, and home I came with 6 bags of that too. The other white bag you can see in the photo is sheep manure from under the shearing shed at my cousins farm. Yum Yum. It's like cooking really, mixing it all together. I much prefer garden cooking than in the kitchen. Look at what I can grow.
Oh Happy Day!


Jodie said...

Hey you leaf thief !!!! I'll see you soon with those bags I'm sure.
Your sewing room is looking great Annie - very organised but still annie-ish !

Jodie said...

Annie - check out this site - I am a snapdragon ....what are you?

Annie said...

I'm a Snapdragon too --- I like it! Thanks. A bit scared about tomorrow. Loved being home!

KatieDid said...

Hi Annie,
Jodie told me you have a BLOG. I have commented on an earlier Blog. See if you can find it!

KatieDid said...

I'm a sunflower