Wednesday, May 9, 2007

May Day

Yesterday was the day, but today I'm putting it in officially. I'm usually like that, just a little late. I am planning to loose 22lbs (10kg)- I have been preparing my mind for it, and it is a hard road. I am starting at 79.6kg/whatever the pound conversion is.


Unknown said...

Wishing you much success, We are in this challenge together and we will have victory! Have a great day

Jodie said...

Dear annie, I mayy be starting just a whisker behind you but I'm in there babe and need to lose the same. But how were those morning tea's this week????
excercise???? yes????

Robin said...

I'm in the challenge too and just wanted to stop by and wish you luck! I love your beautiful roses!

Annie said...

Thanks guys, I need lots of support. I appreciate your comments.

Bren said...

Hi Annie
I thought this is a great way to stay in touch. Did any of your special friends have a birthday this week??? Best of luck for your new challenge. Keep us posted on your progress.