Saturday, May 26, 2007

Report Time

It's amazing just what can be achieved when one is supposed to be getting ready to write reports. I am the worlds best procrastinator and when my fathers cousin, aged 94 gave me an old winter woollen coat, I secretly started thinking "new school bag - felting with my choonka choonka!!" I know she thought I would wear it to keep the cold out, but I thought this idea was much more fun. I sought advice from my friend Jodie. I told her I wanted to make a bag just like the green shopping bags, and her brilliant idea was immediate. "Just take one apart, she said, and use it as a pattern!" Why didn't I think of that - I guess that's what friends are for. Once the
green bag was apart, I was off and racing. I hunted out some old curtain samples for the base, as I thought the white fluffy coat would soon get grubby on the bottom. Then the handles, I didn't quite have enough of that curtain sample, so I had to seek out another one. I just love going to my craft cupboard and finding just what I need.

It did help that I had some time alone at home with out children for several hours to get started. I played and I played and I played.

I was making and I was happy, and I hope the old lady doesn't mind that her coat has been turned into a school bag.

My trusty "choonka choonka" machine ready to do some dry felting. It was funny, as I hadn't seen my husband for a few days as he was working in Melbourne. I was beavering away in my sewing room with my project, and when I got up to the felting, I thought I'd go up to the lounge where he was watching the footy and just be in the same room for awhile. Although it was a gesture of love and companionship, I think I drove him crazy. I finally retreated when he turned the light off and the choonking stopped. He couldn't believe I was still going at the other end of the house much later in the night. He thought it was like a jack hammer in the city. I don't think he'll be taking up dry felting any time soon!!
I even got my stipple foot out to make the bottom a little bit firmer. I am now going to put some bias binding around the joins but I think because it is so thick, I will do some handsewing in my chair by the TV tonight and just have a rest. I think this has taken me most of the day. I did have a short interlude where I was a "leaf thief" and managed to get 5 giant bags of leaves and put them in the chook yard for them to have a scratch about tomorrow. I will take another photo when I finish. I am quite pleased with my efforts.

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