Sunday, May 20, 2007

An exhausting weekend

A weekend that has wizzed by - feeling much better so more able to race about doing all the household chores and more!!! Wishing to be gardening and sewing, but instead a big tidy up in my youngest sons bedroom and some re-arranging of the furniture. That is something that makes us all excited. I did do some planting and weeding at my husbands factory which I had promised I would do. We all went out as a family for a working bee, so that was kind of nice. My chookies are malting so there has been no eggs for awhile. They are still happy to scratch and talk however, which I find ever so relaxing while I am out in the garden. The shopping has been done, the vacuming has been done, the washing has been done. I have even re-stocked the children with new (as in new from the shops) socks and undies, so they won't know themselves next week. I did manage to put 3 large bags of horse poo and five giant bags of Autumn leaves on my compost heap and we have had the most glorious rain and skiffy showers all weekend, so that has been a major bonus. All is wet and well.

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Jodie said...

gee whizz Annie, that is an exhausting weekend - I went op shopping as usual. Got the scales - ready to go !