Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lots of beauty

A Posy of Nasturshums
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there. I have had a busy time this weekend; very productive on the family front and some personal time too. After a Mother's day breakfast, I took myself off for a walk with my friend Jodie and we had some fresh air and exercise both of legs and jaw! Then a cup of coffee with my best dear friend. (I must add that she had a lovely new dress on that she had received for Mothers Day, picked out by her daughter, and she looked STUNNING). A trip to the Nursery with my family to pick out some plants for my husbands factory - we have decided to have a Working Bee out there nest Saturday. I am his official Garden Consultant. I managed to sneak in the trolley a few plants for myself while we were there - tee hee

Just Joey flowering in My Garden

I found a small Mingnon Camelia and some peas for the vegi patch. Then home for some cooking - meals and school lunch goodies, and now some chill out time in front of TV and PC.

Pink Margurite and Salvia in My Flower Garden

Darker Pink Margurite and Cherry Pie Healiatrope

More Pretty Salvia for a Happy Mothers Day

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