Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May Day Week One Down

A week has passed with me being much more careful of my chocolate intake!!!! I'm sorry but I work my mind better with kilos. I began at 79.6kg and this week I have weighed in at 78.9kg - so that is a loss of .7kg. I am delighted with myself as I had a couple of slip ups along the way but I kept getting back on track. I went for x2 exercise stints throughout the week, so that was a marked improvement on what I usually do. I have done all the food shopping for the fortnight and planned the meals. This includes breakfast and lunches as well, as I know only too well ... "preparation and planning is the the key to weight loss success!" Next week I hope to re-join my kids at their Karate Class and that is a good form of exercise as well. I hope to hear some good news from others.


Robin said...

I don't understand kilo's but I understand the little - sign! good job! And good luck next week as well.

Sharon said...

You're going down and that's what we all want. Keep up the good work!

Bren said...

Well done Annie. From small steps great things come!! Love your photos of teh garden. They inspired me to put some coulour into mine, so off to teh nursery I went, and came back with arms full of pansies. Still not enough - got to go back!